Kelly and Militia's Santa Barbara Babymoon Maternity Session

I love when couple’s take the time to go on a ‘babymoon’- their last vacation before the baby arrives. It’s a time to connect, to enjoy each other, and to relax before everything changes. And these two were taking advantage of their time on the golden coast.

I loved hearing about their whirlwind of a romance and seeing the smiles in their eyes as they talked about the night they met. And my heart literally melted when Militia talked about not wanting to wait to have kids because he knew he wanted to be with Kelly, so there was no point in waiting to start their family. I mean, for real? This big Serbian guy has the softest heart, and I know their TWIN baby GIRLS are going to be equally adored by him. There was such a tenderness between them and even though I won’t get to see their newborn babies in December since they live in Chicago, I know that love is going to be shared with their new family members.

There might be too many photos here. But it was a beautiful session. SO I’m not apologizing <3