Santa Barbara Sister Session

I hope you're ready for some major photo oversharing. Because that's what's about to go down. 

Every year I take photos of the girls in the late summer because it's right around Pyper and Allie's half birthdays. This year we have Norah to include and I have been looking forward to these photos for months! I have been scouring the internet for the perfect outfits and found Pyper and Allie's at Joyfolie. And they were beyond perfect! Norah's little romper was from Jane and I love the color! 

These girls. All three of them have my heart in such different ways. They are so unique and so similar. It's been amazing (and yes, very tiring) to watch Pyper and Allie grow so close over the summer. Pyper is a great big sister and has taken Allie under her wing while I'm stuck on the couch nursing or holding a sleeping Norah. They have played fairies, built houses for fairies, cakes for fairies, made up their own games in the trampoline, danced, sang, 'cooked' some amazing delicacies for me- you name it. My mama heart just melts when they both play with Norah. She simply adores her sisters and responds so well to their silly noises and faces. I can't wait for next year's photos when she's running around with them! 

I hope they treasure these photos as they grow older. I love watching their bond grow over time, and seeing how they change as individuals as well as their sisterhood. They have ups and downs and little fights. But man do these girl love each other something fierce. I hope I can continue to help them cultivate a strong love for each other throughout their childhood that will carry their friendship into the eternities.