Lauren and Greg's Sunset Maternity Session

Lauren and Greg are expecting their first baby and we had a great time during their materniy session! We went to Haskell's by the Bacara and one reason I *love* that location is because it is different literally every time I go there. The sun never sets the same way twice, different locations jump out me, the water always reflects in a new way. It's just breathtaking. And then you throw throw this gorgeous couple in the midst of all this and magic happens! The golden hour this night was I found the perfect light but Lauren was on a ledge above me and my short self just had to find a way to get the shot I saw in my head. SO. I got on Greg's back to get it. And I've never done that before, and there were lots of laughs during this but my goodness. It was SO worth it as I got exactly the shot and light I was hoping for! 

It was a beautiful twilight and I loved getting to know Greg and Lauren. They're going to be great parents and their sweet baby boy is already loved beyond words. And Lauren. My goodness, motherhood is spectacular on her! I'm so glad I got to spend some time with this growing family and can't wait to hear that the littlest Mister has arrived!