Yvon and Andrew's Palos Verdes Maternity Session

I was so happy I got to take Yvon and Andrew's maternity photos! For a while we weren't sure if it would work out due to Yvon having some bed rest limitations. But oh my goodness she was a trooper and did an amazing job in her photos. 

I've known these two a long time. Like, really, really long time. I met Andrew in 7th grade, he was in sixth. And Yvon and I met in high school. Andrew and my brother have been best friends for as long as I can remember so this kid was around my house a lot. I loved hearing that they were still together after high school and am so happy they're now starting a family together! They are so good together and their baby boy is going to grow up around a lot of laughing. 

We started the session at the lighthouse at Point Vicente in Palos Verdes and oh my. I may have a new favorite spot for when I have sessions down that way! The grounds were beautiful, the view of the lighthouse was stunning, and there were so many different areas we could stop at. We then finished at a tree perched on a hill that Yvon and Andrew have had other photos done like their engagement photos. It was the perfect place to end! 

I can't wait to hear that baby boy is here!