Santa Barbara Family Mini Session

Believe it or not, family photos can be done any time of the year! You don't need to wait for a birthday, graduation, vacation, or other big milestone. If you think that you want to capture life as it is right now, in this moment, before your kids get even a little older, it's the perfect time for photos. 

That's what the King family did and I'm so, so glad they came to me! Little Grace is a literal doll and I loved watching how much fun the whole family had. Victoria contacted me because she loves this age and just wanted some family photos before Grace gets older. And I love it. If there's one downside to raising kids it's that they grow too quickly, so when your little one gets to a fun age- capture it! Don't feel like you have to wait. 

Mini sessions may not sound like a lot of time, but you'd be surprised at how much can be done in 20 minutes. I move quickly from activity to activity, especially with young kids. It keeps their attention and the energy up. You can see from this sneak peek how much variety there is- and this just a small taste of their whole session! 

When you decide that now is the time for photos I'll be ready!