Norah's Newborn Photos

I may be biased- but you're about to see one of the cutest newborn babies ever! 

My little Norah Layne was born on Sunday March 25 at 7:47am after a 10 hour induction. She's a teeny little love bug at 5lbs 4oz and somewhere around 18.5-19 inches. The hospital measured 19.25, the doctor a few days later measure 18.5. Based on her weight and how long Pyper and Allie were, I'm leaning more towards the 18.5in measurement. 

I was so anxious to meet this sweet baby and to have her here safely. The last two weeks of my pregnancy I was monitored via non stress tests twice a week because Norah had fallen way below her own growth curve. I'm a worrier already, and not knowing if everything was 100% ok with my girl made this mama nervous. Our doctor said she would do better on the outside at 38 weeks so we scheduled the induction. 

I won't go into all of the birth details, but it was amazing. For the first time I got to have my baby placed directly on my chest once they were born. Pyper and Allie both passed meconium so they had to be checked out by NICU before I even got to see them. But Norah came right to me- her grey, sticky little self. Her dark eyes were wide open and looking around. At one point she was crying and looked right at me. I said, "Hi, I'm your mama!" and the tears stopped. It was everything. Ev. Er. Y. Thing. Norah is our last baby and I can't describe how happy I am that I got to have that experience! 

Norah is completely sweet. She's loved beyond measure by her big sisters who fight over whose turn it is to hold her. They call her Norah Bug and Baby Bug and it just melts my mama heart. Pyper is amazed at small she is, and Allie will go get the boppy pillow and sit on the couch just waiting for her turn to hold her. Aaaaaaaadorable. 

We love this little bug and are soaking up every single second of this fleeting newborn period! Welcome to the family, Norah Layne! 

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