Delfina's Newborn Session

What better way to start off a drizzly Monday than with some newborn squishy snuggles? 

I seriously loved this session. Hollis and Matt are carrying parenthood so well and I loved being able to see how much they love each other. The newborn stage can be so trying and it's always nice to see couples working together and growing closer together through the sleepless nights, the endless feedings, the insecurities that come with parenthood. It's such an adventure and the days are so, so long, but once you're on the other side you realize just how quickly the time passed, and how much that sweet little baby who kept you up all night has changed. 

Can we talk about how Matt looks at Delfina? And how he looks at Hollis? Guys. Couple goals right here. For real. Men with big hearts and admiration in their eyes melt me. 

And Hollis. You're doing amazing mama. Motherhood looks amazing on you. And it's so clear you absolutely adore your little girl. And that's the best thing a mama can do. I have no doubt that Delfina knows just how much you and Matt love her and she's going to grow up with everything she needs and more because she has you two. Keep it up girl. This job isn't easy, and you're off to an amazing start! 

Onto their photos. I love them. There are so many more that I wanted to share, but it would be a major overload. So I narrowed it down to my absolute favorites. I hope you love them too! 

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