Pyper's Birthday Photos

Last month my baby turned 2. In two days my big girl turns 5! 5!! That's a whole hand! 

For her birthday photos she didn't want to be a character or a ballerina this year. She wanted to be a Punk Rock Princess (her words). That's not a style this mama is super familiar with, but Pyper rocked it. 

My Pyper. This girl. She's full of spunk, sweetness, smarts, and sass. Most of all though she has a big heart. She worries about characters in books getting their feelings hurt (really, she couldn't fall asleep just last night because she was sad that a kid in a book she read at school wasn't nice to another kid), she loves her little sister, she'll give you the last fruit snack out of the bag. She's becoming quite the little artist and musician. She loves all things music, dancing, and singing and we have a dance party at least once a day. She's so close to reading and is doing extremely well in school. She lights up every room she walks into- literally. I mean, that is some blonde hair. She's pretty darn tiny but she literally doesn't know that and that's one of my favorite qualities of hers. Nothing holds her back. As her parent it can be frustrating to get through once she has her mind made up, but I have to admire her tenacity and persistence. Pyper is an amazing big sister and I can't wait to see her holding Norah in just a few weeks. 

It's been a wild ride these last 5 years, and I am so proud of the girl she's turning into. She wants to be an artist, a police officer, and a doctor when she grows up. And you know what? I don't doubt that she can do it. 

Jordan and I love this girl beyond words. Happy 5th Birthday, Pyper Quinn. Dream Big, Little One.

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