Sunset Family Photos

My older brother and his adorable family came to visit us this past weekend and we took the opportunity to create new family photos for them!

I love this family. I love these kids. It’s amazing to watch them grow. They are just the sweetest- even when Nathan is being a T-Rex (which you’ll see!). They have such a sweet relationship and they all love to love and they love to have fun. It’s obvious they have a closeness, but they definitely know how to be silly.

It’s so special to photograph a family I know so well. I get to step back and see them in a new light. I’m not looking for just the silly- but for the little moments too. For the looks Trent gave Ana throughout the session. The way hands were held, and hugs were given. I live for this.

There might be “too many” photos shared but #sorrynotsorry. There are just too many amazing ones!

Thanks for trusting me, big bro. You and Ana are doing alright by these kids. Love you all <3