Allie's Birthday Photos

How are we already here? How is my baby TWO? I swear we just did her First Birthday Photos yesterday. Somehow I blinked and my little one is two years old. 

So what is Allie up to these days? A lot. She has a big heart, just like her sister. If she sees someone, especially a kid, who is sad she becomes concerned and will go over and give them a hug even if she doesn't know them. She LOVES babies which is great since in a couple of months she'll be a big sister! Every baby is 'so chute!' and she invites herself to peek inside every car seat cover that she sees. She also loves dogs. Big time. Big dogs, small dogs, she doesn't judge! She's even been known to pucker up and let them lick her face... which mom just loves. Allie is turning into quite the dancer. I don't think a day goes by without a dance party (or two, or three) in our house. She copies Pyper's dance moves, jumps around, and makes sure Jordan and I get up and dance too. She loves to color and paint, read books, and build with her magnatiles. 

Allie has an infectious laugh and an intoxicating personality. She's full of sass like her sister and has quite the sense of humor already. She gives amazing hugs and just adores her family. It's been an amazing year of growth for our sweet girl and we are so proud of the little girl she's becoming. 

I tried to think of a cute concept for her birthday photos like I did for Pyper's Moana photos last year but nothing clicked. And I'm pretty sure that's because Allie's personality doesn't need the extra hype to shine through. Pyper is a performer, and Allie is her own person and I wanted to capture that sweet innocence in all of its simplicity. 

So here's our girl. We love her beyond measure and can't wait to see how much she grows this next year. Happy Birthday Bozie! 

(please click on the thumbnails to view the full size gallery)