Aspen's Fresh 48 Photos

This session was so special! Meagan and Mark are first time parents and the glow on their faces was so fun to see. Meagan had a long labor and kept me updated through all of it so that I could be there soon after little Aspen arrived. I've never met a baby so soon after they joined us earth side and it was such a special experience to be a part of. She was only 6 hours new when I met her and the love in the hospital room was palpable. Mark and Meagan hadn't quite settled on her name when I arrived, and she was so fresh and wrinkly and adorable. Mark was so attentive to Meagan and got her what she needed. As I was leaving they were both snuggling their baby girl for a much needed nap all around. 

Witnessing these special moments in my clients' lives is why I do what I do. The moments in the hospital are so fleeting and you never get them back. I'm honored when a family allows me to share in this time with them. So thank you Mark and Meagan for letting me capture this journey for you. Enjoy that sweet little babe!

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