Pyper and Allie's Sister Photos

Last year I decided to take photos of the girls together when Allie turned 6 months old because Pyper was also 3.5 years old at the same time. They are some of my favorite photos of them and knew I would have to do it every year. It's fun to see how they've grown since their individual birthday photos. (Go back in time with me and see last year's photos here.) 

Now, taking photos with a 6 month old is pretty easy. Allie was just super happy and all smiles a year ago. Now, she's 18 months old, she's got some pretty strong opinions, and it's not as easy to get her to smile if she doesn't want to. So basically she's a pretty typical 18 month old! Pyper loved the camera last year and not a whole lot has changed in that regard. She is a great helper and Allie loves her, so the best shots were of them together.

We went back to my favorite beach to shoot at- Haskells. The beach has changed so much since this winter because of all the rain and storms we had. But there's so much green here and I just can't get enough. Also- the sunset peeking over the cliffs is just stunning every. single. time. 

I love these girls. So much it hurts. So much that I could burst. They challenge me (and lately each other) but their bond is so strong and I love watching their friendship grow. Just this morning when Jordan went into their bedroom Allie was sitting on Pyper's bed 'reading' her a book. I mean, really. Can they be any cuter??

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