Becky and Jared's Beach Maternity Session

One thing I love about Santa Barbara is that the beaches are always changing. You never quite know how the sun will set or if you'll have a hazy/misty sky or a vibrant array of colors. You don't know if the water will be glassy like a calm lake or if you'll have choppy waters creating tons of drama. I find the ever changing conditions extremely exciting. I shoot on the beach a lot. Like. A LOT. And yet I don't get bored, and no two sessions look the same. It's phenomenal. 

Enter Becky and Jared. The weather was so overcast the day we scheduled their session and we were debating on whether or not to reschedule. Becky decided to go for it and I am SO glad she made that call. We shot at Haskell's by the Bacara and when we walked to the beach we were greeted by an amazing teepee made out of the most beautiful drift wood. I have never seen one of these before and it provided a stunning backdrop for some photos. Then we literally walked about 10 feet and looked like we were in a meadow. The heavy clouds gave us a great soft, even light, and the plants were really able to shine. Another 20 yards away was a beautiful open beach where we were able to capture the stunning sunset. There were beautiful pinks and purples which complimented Becky's clothes perfectly. It was magic y'all. Magic. 

And that's just the scenery. I haven't even talked about Becky and Jared yet. These two are so genuinely in love and excited to be parents for the first time and it is so exciting to watch and be a part of. I got some amazing candid photos of them laughing and just enjoying themselves. Becky is one gorgeous mama to be and her little Kellyn is going to be covered in hugs and kisses. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire session and cannot wait to hear that their sweet baby girl has arrived safe and sound. I love watching couples on this journey and Becky and Jared are so so close to holding their little slice of heaven.  

Congratulations you two!!

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