Pyper's Moana Birthday Photos



My baby is going to be 4 in 3 days. HOW?! 

My Pyper. She's my buddy. My mini-me. She's like me in too many ways and so much more. She's full of sugar and spice (as cliche as that is to say). She's got the biggest heart and the sass of a teenager (remember I said she's a lot like me?). She loves her baby sister and looooooves preschool. She has been in gymnastics for about 6 months now and is enjoying it. She is the youngest in her class, and the tiniest, but you would never know that. No matter where she is she holds her own, makes her presence known, and keeps up with anyone- no matter their age or size. 

She is OBSESSED with Moana. Like, I don't think a day has gone by since we saw the movie in November that we haven't listened to the soundtrack. That's nearly 4 months guys. Her birthday party has a Moana theme and she doesn't know it yet but Moana is coming to her party! I can't even wait to see her reaction! So naturally for her birthday we had to do a Moana theme. I got the flower crown from Wild Grace Boutique and she nailed my vision! The dress is from Joyfolie and it was perfect and fit Pyper just right. We had to include some important things from the movie like coconuts, Muai's fish hook (my husband got that hook from New Zealand when he traveled there years ago) and of course the ocean. Like Moana, Pyper loves the sea. We are so blessed to live so close to it and Pyper is always fascinated by it. 

I love my girl so much it hurts. She drives me crazy some days but it's the best kind of crazy to be. 

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Happy Birthday big girl!

MilestoneMindy Rainey