Elvira's Palos Verdes Maternity Session

I love Elvira's story so much! She has two beautiful teenage daughters and is now pregnant with their SON! This was actually the first session I have done with a beautiful pregnant mama and teenage kids. It was so fun to watch how excited they all are about the upcoming arrival of baby boy. It's clear these girls love their mom and their baby brother so much. 

We loved exploring this walking path located in the Palos Verdes Estates. Elvira was such a trooper about all the walking we did and her family was great about making sure she was comfortable. I think it was worth it and I hope you all do too! 

It was nice to work with a different family dynamic than I'm used to and I loved getting to know this awesome family and learning about their journey. I can't wait to hear that baby boy is here in a couple of months! 

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