Katie's Newborn Session

This session. This session was so incredibly special to shoot. This family has been through a lot on their journey and seeing them so elated gave me all the feels. Seriously. Sara is such a happy, beautiful mama and her smile lights up the room. Even with a tough recovery and the typical sleep deprivation she was up laughing, playing with Big Brother, and soaking up every single second with their perfect baby girl. And Matthew- can we just talk about how adorable this big brother is? He was so excited even when we met a few weeks before Katie's arrival during their maternity session. He couldn't wait for his little sister to arrive and now that she's here he is just over the moon. You'll see his smile in the photos! And that Daddy. He is so in love with his baby girl and it's evident throughout the photos. It gets me every time when a dad looks at his newborn and mimics the faces she's making. Like, nothing in this world is more heart warming. 

I have loved getting to know this family. As I said their journey hasn't been an easy one and my heart hurts right along with theirs and that makes capturing these happy moments that much more amazing. I'm honored when my clients allow me into their homes, into their lives, and each family keeps a place in my heart. I hope it's clear to my viewers, my followers, and most importantly my clients, that what I deliver to them are more than just photos. They are the representation of a family's lives and that means so, so much to me. 

So please, enjoy these photos. And I'd love to capture any special moment that is happening or coming up in your family's life! 

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