Rainey Girls 1/2 Year Shoot

Somehow my big girl turns 3 1/2 this month and my baby is 6 months old!! That sweet little baby I swear I just brought home from the hospital at 5lbs 14oz is over 15lbs now. And the little baby I first held 3.5 years ago starts preschool this month and is taking gymnastics. Like, seriously? Where has the time gone and who gave these sweeties permission to grow up? 

To commemorate this 1/2 year milestone Jordan and I took the girls to Haskells Beach (our favorite) by the Bacara for some photos. These girls love each other as much as I hoped and prayed they would. Allie just adores Pyper and Pyper loves the squeals she can get from Allie. Before I know it Allie will be crawling and then running around chasing Pyper and their sister relationship will continue to grow and get stronger. I. Can't. Wait. 

And, they're pretty cute. It's my totally unbiased opinion!