Yury and AJ's San Diego Sealing

You all know I love shooting baby bumps, babies, little ones and families- and you also know that I really enjoy getting to do something a little different every once in a while. I couldn't not go after the opportunity to shoot Yury and AJ's sealing in the San Diego Temple. I actually didn't even meet them until they walked out of the Temple, but man. I wish these two lived closer! They are SO in love, so fun, so- everything. 

Any nerves I felt going into a shoot that's out of my comfort zone were quickly washed away by Yury and AJ. They were so relaxed and just happy that it made my job so easy. They live in Atlanta and came out here in part to have photos done by the ocean so we spent the majority of our time at La Jolla Beach. Yury was amazing and walked a really long way to get to the cliffs and had no problem climbing on rocks or getting her dress wet. They wanted their photos to be special and weren't afraid of taking the risks to get the shot! 

I really couldn't have had a better time with these two and I sincerely hope these photos are everything you two were hoping for <3

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