Pyper is Three

I’m having a hard time believing I have a 3 year old.

Pyper is sassy, sweet, loving, compassionate, creative, intelligent- and she knows all of this! She is my partner in crime and I love that she’s my little buddy. It’s amazing to watch her turn into her own person. She is so passionate about things she likes- music, dancing, telling stories, and painting. She is also very passionate about things she doesn’t like- eating (unless it’s fruit snacks), play time ending, and saying goodbye to friends. She would play outside all day if she could and one day we’ll have a yard so that she can!

One of my favorite areas of growth has been watching her become the best big sister. She waited a long time for Allie to come. She loves to help with Allie, gets concerned when she cries, and gets so excited when Allie wakes up (sometimes she gets so excited she will wake her up…). She also knows that she has a sister in heaven and talks about McKenzie and how she feels her in her heart often. 

Life has been crazy since Allie’s arrival so I wanted to make sure we focused on Pyper for her birthday- to give her lots of attention. So for her birthday photos I decided to include lots of her favorite things- a pretty dress, a walk on the Ellwood Bluffs in Santa Barbara, a cute hat, and a pretty necklace. I love just watching Pyper be herself and gave her very little direction. She typically hides as soon as I bring out my camera so I knew I had to just let her play and capture what I could. We had so much fun enjoying the beautiful green bluffs. The grass is even longer now and wildflowers are popping up.

I love this little girl so much. I think these pictures give a pretty snapshot into her playful side.

Happy Birthday love bug!