Gwen's Fresh 48

This might be one of my favorite sessions to date! My younger brother- the baby of the family- became a daddy! I got to go to the hospital when little Gwen was less than 24 hours old to capture her newborn goodness and I love the images and memories that were captured. I haven't seen the little lady since, and I'm sure she looks quite different already so I hope having these photos helps Garrett and Kara remember her wrinkly little feet a little better. 

I am so, so happy for Garrett and Kara. Little Gwen is just perfect and it was so special to see them as new parents. Gwen is so, so lucky to have you as her mommy and daddy and she has so many people who love her so much! 

I hope to do more of these "Fresh 48" sessions! 

Fresh 48Sarah Dohlfresh 48